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  • 75.00

    Herbal Apricot Scrub Soap

    Khadi Natural Apricot scrub soap is great for dry, irritated skin because of its high content of essential fatty acids and vitamin A.
    Its moisturizing properties keep your skin cells hydrated

  • 85.00

    Herbal Bamboo Charcoal Soap

    Charcoals Soap help in removing the dirt, from the pores and give your skin a thorough cleansing.
    This soap also controls the oil secretion in your skin, making it perfect for skin

  • 75.00

    Herbal Basil Scrub Soap

    Khadi Basil Scrub Soap is a combination of carefully chosen mild soap base along with extracts of Basil for providing cleanliness
    It helps in thorough cleansing of dirt and impurities

  • 75.00

    Herbal Chandan Haldi Soap

    Khadi Natural Herbal Chandan Haldi Soap bathing bar protects from bacteria.
    It gives freshness & coolness to the body

  • 125.00

    Herbal Green Apple Loofah Soap

    Stimulate your morning rituals with this khadi organic Green Apple Loofah soap. Handcrafted with the natural blend of Green Apple and organic loofah, this handmade herbal soap is enriched with fruit anti oxidants that provide the ultimate nourishment for your skin. While the organic loofah exfoliates the skin and enhances blood circulation, the Green apple extracts moisturize your skin and make it super soft and healthy. Give your skin the daily dose of pampering with this khadi organic Green Apple Loofah soap.

  • 75.00

    Herbal Green Apple Soap

    Khadi Greenapple Soap helps in removing acne, skin pigmentation and clean the pores.
    It is the best agent for glowy and healthy skin

  • 75.00

    Herbal Lavender Soap

    The Lavender soap cleanses the skin and body dirt while exfoliating dead cells
    from the body and give a soft & smooth feeling

  • 75.00

    Herbal Lemon Soap

    Khadi Lemon soap is mild, refreshing and cleansing.
    Lemon oil is one of the best oils to refresh, cleanse and detoxify.
    The scent is very subtle and natural.

  • 75.00

    Herbal Mint Soap

    Herbal Mint Soap Powerful yet skin-friendly
    Herbal antiseptic peppermint incorporated in mild soap base absorbs heat from the skin while keeping it cool even after a refreshing shower.